Winter season can bring dangerous driving conditions. It is important you must learn a few tips before driving in such conditions as you are going to face ice, snow, and rain. According to some reports, there are more accidents during winters than in any other weather conditions. Severe weather conditions can frighten you so here we have discussed few tips for your safety. Next time you can follow them and take some extra precautions.

Drive Slowly

The number one tip to drive safely during the winters is to drive slowly. While accelerating or applying brakes you need to slow down otherwise there is a chance of car slipping. When you are driving on slippery surfaces it is harder for the car to slow down immediately and stop.

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Try to avoid suddenly applying brakes or accelerating especially while taking sharp turns. Drive carefully and slowly and avoid rushing on icy or snowy roads as it can put you and others on the road in danger.

Increase Safe Distance

During normal conditions, the safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you is 3-4 seconds. Since it becomes difficult to control the vehicle on snowy roads then you need to increase the following distance to 8-10 seconds at least. This will always give you time to control your vehicle in case to stop suddenly or apply brakes.

Especially if there is any large vehicle in front of you then it is riskier as they take more time and room to move in such conditions. So always maintain the safe distance.

Check Car Tires

Always check your tires before the winter season starts to make sure they are in good shape. While driving on snow and ice tire grip should be very strong and keep a check on the tire pressure.  Worn out tires can be very dangerous, you can check tread depth with the penny test or contact the tire shops to check if your tires need replacement.

Also, remember mixing tires with different tread patterns or sizes affect the stability of your car. Make sure all the tires are of the same type and size.

Avoid Stopping

We all know you have to stop at several points while driving at red lights or pedestrian crossings. However, it is advisable during winters snow you should try to avoid stopping as much you can. If you can control your car and just slow down instead of complete stop it will be easier to maintain the grip of your car.

Especially while driving on hills going upwards you should never stop. If you make the mistake of stopping you can either get stuck or start sliding backward. The best method is to accelerate slowly at the bottom and maintain the same speed while going up. Don’t try to increase the speed as your tires can start spinning just maintain a steady speed and keep moving.

Keep yourself Prepared for Winters

When the winter season starts it is better to make preparations and keep some items in the car in case of any emergency.

Before going out always check the weather forecast and note the updates that will affect your route. If the weather is expected to get extreme it is better to stay inside. If necessary to go out take a safer route even if it is longer. Keep your mobile fully charged and inform someone when you go out.

It is also recommended to keep an emergency kit in your car in case if you get stuck somewhere these things might be useful. Keep some warm clothes, a torch, blanket, snacks and water, a shovel, ice scraper, and a full first aid kit.

We hope these tips help you to drive safely during the winter season. Make sure you get your car a thorough check, prepare ahead of your journey and be ready to drive in harsh conditions.

Diving safely is always important but being on road during winters needs some extra precautions.

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