Sometimes it is not easy to get rid of your old car may be due to sentimental reasons or it can be other reasons too. But finally one day you decide to sell it as it has been lying in your garage for a long time. There are different ways through which you can sell your car, you can offer it to someone you already know or you can sell at online market.

In any case, you will try to get the most amount of money you can by selling that car. It is your right to get as much profit as you can by selling that car but not by hiding important information or by providing false data. This may get you some extra amount of cash but ethically it is wrong with the buyer and it can result in legal trouble as well.

Here we have discussed a few points which you shouldn’t hide while selling your scrap car from a potential buyer.

False Legal Documents

This the most important point while selling the car. All the documents related to the car like ownership details, insurance policy or other legal documents must be shown to the buyer. False documents will not only make trouble for you and the buyer but can also make you liable for legal punishment.

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Such cases can lead you to further loss than profit so to avoid getting into any legal case shows all the genuine documents to the buyer.

Damaged Outer Body

Sometimes to gain the attention of the buyer or to get a higher price people don’t mention the flaws in the car in the online advertisements or even on the phone call. Later if the buyer gets to know about the flaw or damage it will spoil your reputation and will make you an unreliable seller.

You must not hide any flaw or minor damage in your car from the buyers and mention all the important details. Inform them about any repair or repaint done to the car this way they will trust you more. If you will convey any false information it might lead you to legal trouble as well.

Checking Interior of the Car

While describing the car from inside please make sure everything is in good condition not only the seats and mats but the internal parts of the engine must also be in working condition. If you are giving away your car in the scrap just mention to them all the flaws and fixes to be done.

Once you have reported every detail to the buyer, in case they get the car professionally checked they cannot blame you for hiding any faults. This way you will gain respect from others.

Complete Service History

Some people try to hide the service history of the car or there might be a possibility they have not done professional servicing on a regular basis. Getting the car serviced on a regular basis is good to keep your car maintained. If you will show it to the buyer they will be glad to know you have taken good care of your car.

While some people tend to hide the service history so they can lie about the age of the car. With missing, service history buyer might believe the car is newer than the actual age and they can get a higher price. You must avoid providing such false information to avoid any legal trouble.

Pending Legal or Police Cases

It is a fact that if you have any pending legal or police case on your car you cannot sell it to any buyer or scrap company. People don’t realize they hide such cases and waste the time of the buyers later such liabilities are revealed and you lose your reputation. If you have any such case on your car please inform the buyers to avoid embarrassment later.

When people decide to sell their car it is the human psyche they want to get maximum cash from it. But making money by hiding information about your car is not the best approach. Try to be fair with the buyers and provide them with all the details of the car accurately. Providing misleading information can risk someone’s life and can lead you to jail as well so better avoid such lies and be fair with the buyer.