When someone is going to learn how to drive, there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. In fact, whether an experienced driver, it is very imperative for all to be really careful when behind the steering wheel. In order to become a driving expert, obviously a car driver must first find himself a good and affordable car.

But having a car and just driving on the road does not make him/ her an expert driver. In order to drive better, here are a few tips to follow:

1: Learn Basic Automotive Mechanics:

No need to be a master mechanic but should be absolutely aware that how to change a tire, pop the hood, change a light bulb, jump a battery, add lubricant & coolant to the car.

The next step is to understand the difference between dash warnings lights mean. Automobiles have a way of breaking down in the most inconvenient of places and no one can always assume roadside support will be available when he needs them. Everyone must have basic knowledge about parts of the vehicle.

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2: Looking Ahead:

It is understood that no one can drive safely without looking at the road, so it is essential to look ahead at any car that is in front of you. This is very important and the driver must keep this fact in mind. Since it is not only affected directly to the driver but other people’s safety as well as important, the driver has to keep himself focused on the surrounding. It is suggested to stay away from using a cellphone or having a talk with other car fellows since it will affect the driver concentration.

3: Check the Brakes:

The car owner has to go easy on the machine’s brakes when he has to slow down. Check the function of the break if they are working properly before to go on a drive and use be aware of how to use it efficiently during driving without hitting any other person or a vehicle on road.

4: Speed & Maintain Distance:

The professionals agree that speed is the #1 reason for incurable accidents, but the improper following distance is also one of the major parts of major accidents.

If all the drivers are traveling 60mph but they have 20 seconds of space among each other, it could be argued that they are safer than cars traveling at 40mph and 1 second away from each other. Always keep a safe following distance, especially during extreme weather conditions.

5: Parallel Parking & Proper Merging

Most of the beginner drivers do not want to take seriously to parallel parking & proper merging rules because they are difficult and a bit scary. It is very important that beginners should learn how to do these things right now. When they feel ready, they should take proper guidelines from an expert driver at how to park a car.

The first couple of times they do these things, it might not go perfectly. But within’ a few attempts, they will have it mastered and these are both excellent skills to have, not to mention knowing how to merge properly makes everyone safer.

6: Avoid to Use Alcohol:

Another major road accident is drinking alcohol and driving. Drinking and driving is still such an enormous problem. It is serious stuff and it leads towards serious major accidents and even death. Try to avoid it as it is against the rules of driving.

7: Lower the rear-view Mirror at Night:

Most of the drivers don’t know that a standard rear-view mirror has 2 modes: day mode and night mode. To avoid being blinded by a car behind you, modify the angle of the mirror by pulling down the lever under it.

8: Turn on the air conditioner:

When it is not needed to turn on air condition, just keep it turn off especially in the winter season. Otherwise, the coolant will seep out, and the tubes will be dry.

9: Correct the seating position:

The right seating position is decisive; even experienced drivers don’t position themselves correctly and thus lack comfort and control, which increases the chances of accidents. Ensure that the sitting position is straight with the back and buttocks cupped in the seat fully and are at an angular position thus helping to prevent back injuries.

 10: Remember to use turn signals

Understand the prominence of turn signals or indicators. Once the car driver is on the road, he is one among many and therefore, it is very important that he must be alert the vehicles around him when he is about to turn. Follow the signal rules helps save a lot of mishaps on the road.

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